Privacy Policy

The owner and administrator of the online store, available under the internet domain, hereinafter referred to as the Platform, is Bartłomiej Kusztal (Bartłomiej Kusztal Art Gallery 36)  with its registered office in Cracow, ul. Floriańska 36, 31-021 Cracow, Poland,NIP Tax Identification No.PL9452230447, and REGON Register of Business Entities No.: 384431991, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator. The Platform Owner is guided by the principles of user privacy protection, protection of the collection, processing and use of information about the Platform users and clients and the security of stored data. All information about the users and clients of the Platform, stored in the Platform’s databases, is stored and processed by the Administrator with adequate security measures (meeting all the requirements of Polish law), in a manner consistent with the scope of the consent granted by the user and in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, including the provisions of the EU Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (the so-called General Data Protection Regulation) – abbreviated as GDPR.

Using the Platform’s websites does not require registration or disclosure of any personal data. In the event that the Platform user is interested in concluding a Sales Agreement by placing an order for products selected by the user available on the Platform, or by providing their data in order to conclude an Agreement with the Administrator for the provision of electronic services (e.g. setting up an Account on the Platform), the user consents to the processing by the Administrator of the provided data (including personal data) contained in the entire form, within the scope of the authorization granted. Personal data provided by the Platform users are processed for the following purposes:
    • to the extent necessary to establish, shape the content, change, solve and correctly implement the services provided by the Administrator by electronic means;
    • to the extent necessary to establish, shape the content, change, terminate and correctly execute the order placed by the user on the Platform and the Contract for the sale of products ordered by the user on the Platform;
    • conducting the complaint procedure;
    • carrying out the procedure of returning benefits in the event of withdrawal from the Sales Agreement;
    • providing commercial information by electronic means, including information about the Administrator, the Platform, products available on the Platform, the offer and promotions, as well as information on the products and services of entities cooperating with the Administrator, provided that the user agrees to receive commercial offers by means of the method.
Each User has the right to view and update data, as well as the right to correct and supplement data. The user who took place in the Store where he set up his Account, after logging in, may and may also be intended for the administrator and deletion of data. Maybe at any time independently about the maintenance of information by checking the appropriate box in your account or submission, the same Administrator task. Provision of repair services for repair services, repair maintenance services for repair services and repair services for repair service providers. The User may also submit his data of the user of the subject to the website. After registering in the Store, each login is carried out using the data provided in the registration form. The User gains access to the Account assigned to him in the registration form after entering his e-mail address and password in the Store (logging in). Access to the User’s account is protected by a password chosen by him. The account contains the User’s data provided by him in the registration form. In the event of a subsequent change of any of these data, the Customer should update his profile in the Account, while the data marked in the registration form as mandatory cannot be deleted by the Customer while using the Store’s services, and in such a situation, the Customer may delete the entire Account. In order to protect against possible hacking attempts to the Account, the User did not have any security measures to complete the information from the account. The security lock contains letters and letters, respectively. If the User logs in to the Store using a foreign computer, do not save the password to access the Store. The User is obliged to use the Store’s websites, including the Account he has set up, in a manner consistent with applicable law, social and moral standards and the provisions of these Regulations. The Internet browser used by the Internet user may be equipped with the option of storing text files (“cookies”), which the server saves on the disk of the user’s end device, thanks to which it will be able to “recognize” it when reconnecting. The “cookies” files contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, in particular those requiring authorization, and facilitating active use of all services available in the Store without the need to log in each time. The content of “cookies” does not allow for the identification of a given user. Personal data are not processed or stored with the use of “cookies”, “cookies” do not in any way damage the system on the user’s computer or affect its operation, in particular, they do not cause configuration changes in users’ end devices or in the software installed on these devices. The administrator may store “cookies” on users’ computers in order to:
    • maintaining the user’s session;
    • better adjustment of the Store to the needs of users;
    • creating viewership statistics for the internal needs of the Administrator and its contractors, including advertisers;
    • presentation of online advertisements with the content most similar to the interests of the user; creating and conducting online surveys and securing them against multiple voting by the same user and presenting the survey in a way that takes into account the individual interests of the user.
The user may at any time independently change the settings for “cookies” in his web browser, as well as disable them completely, bearing in mind that this action may cause difficulties or even prevent the use of some of the Store’s services. At the same time, the Administrator is not responsible for the use of “cookies” on other websites available to users through links placed on the Store’s websites. In the Store, in addition to “cookies”, user IP addresses may also be collected, in accordance with the general principles of Internet connections, collected on the basis of access logs. They are used for technical purposes related to the administration of servers and, like “cookies” – for statistical purposes and to improve the functioning of the Store. IP addresses may be made available on request to legal authorities in accordance with the provisions of law, including art. 18 sec. 6 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services. People who use the stores may be able to contact administrators via addresses, including e-mail and / or report e-register accounts in “Contact” bets. The administrator may, in order to fill in personal data, user data, confirm the user’s identity, identify the order. Providing this data is not mandatory, but may be necessary for the processing of the user. The administrator has the ability to obtain answers from users who have the opportunity to obtain answers and the best customer service, as part of the support provided by the Administrator, as part of the assistance provided by the Administrator, for help, awarding orders and services provided by the Administrator on the basis of help, customer customer service . Addresses and data in the ways in which the popular gathering does not come from use other than the implementation and / or establishment of nae. Ewentu communication in other matters may persist behind the user’s previous surface. The period of storage of Users’ personal data depends on the purpose of their processing and amounts to: in connection with the performance of the contract for the use of the store / contract of cooperation with the seller and the pursuit of claims and defense against claims related to it – for the duration of the contract, and after its termination until the claims related to it are time-barred (this period results from the Civil Code ); in connection with the implementation of information purposes related to the dissemination of information regarding the conduct of business – until an objection is raised for reasons related to your particular situation (subject to the absence of valid legitimate grounds for further processing on the seller’s side) in connection with the maintenance and communication via websites – for a period of 30 days; in connection with handling applications, complaints, complaints or other letters addressed to the seller – until the matter covered by the application, complaint, complaint or other letter addressed to the seller is resolved in connection with direct marketing – until an objection is raised or the relevant consent is withdrawn; in connection with statistical surveys, analytical activities, satisfaction surveys – for the duration of the contract, and after its termination only in an anonymised or aggregated form (statistical data); in connection with the implementation of legal obligations – until the expiry of the obligation (e.g. accounting documents, including the data contained therein, must be stored for a period of 5 years). Users’ data may be transferred to the following entities:
    • entities operating on the basis of legal provisions (public authorities), including the prosecutor’s office, the Police and the Tax Office – in connection with the implementation of legal obligations incumbent on the Company (e.g. in connection with abuses that could have occurred within the Platform);
    • entities providing marketing and advertising services to the seller (e.g. marketing agencies, interactive agencies) – to the extent necessary to perform these services;
    • entities providing IT services to the seller (e.g. hosting websites) – to the extent necessary to perform these services;
    • entities providing shipping and delivery services to the seller – to the extent necessary to perform these services;
    • entities providing other types of services to the seller, e.g. providers of legal and advisory services – in connection with the provision of these services.
Data Deletion Request If you wish for us to remove your personal data from our database, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Send an email to our address with the subject “Data Deletion Request”.
  2. In the email, please provide your full name, the email address you used for registration or communication with us, and a brief description of your request.
  3. We will confirm the receipt of your request within three business days and initiate the data deletion process.
  4. All data will be deleted within 30 business days from the receipt of your request.
Please note that some data may be retained in accordance with legal requirements or for other legitimate reasons, but they will not be used for marketing purposes. Due to the constant development of internet technology, legislative changes, including in the field of personal data protection, and the development of the Store, the Administrator reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy of the Packaging Center online store. For orders placed before the effective date of the amendments, the existing provisions of the Privacy Policy of the online store shall apply. If the Customer does not accept the changes made to the Privacy Policy of the online store, the User should stop using the Store, including deleting his Account. This Privacy Policy of the online store shall enter into force on 01.09.2021. By starting the concept from the Store, the Users consent to the definition of the conditions in the account status of the privacy policy.