Gallery 36 ar application

Welcome to our app that was made especially for art and art lovers! Our application is the perfect tool to accompany your visit to an art gallery where works by artists from around the world are presented. We offer many features that will allow you to fully enjoy this magical experience.
First of all, thanks to our application, you will have access to the extended offer of the gallery. This means that you will not only be able to admire the paintings on display, but also take advantage of dynamic interactions with them. You can literally enter into a dialogue with a work of art, discover its secrets and deepen its message.
One of the most fascinating features of our app is the ability to experience art exhibitions in augmented reality. Thanks to this technology, you can move into virtual spaces where images come to life and become even more dynamic and interactive. It is a unique experience that will allow you to look at art in a completely new way.
If you are interested in purchasing paintings, our application will help you choose the right frames. Thanks to the virtual preview, you will be able to see how a given painting will look in different frames. It’s a great way to match a work of art to your interior and make it even more beautiful.
In addition, our application allows you to “hang” paintings at home on your walls. You can create your own art gallery without having to physically hang pictures. This is a great option for those who would like to enjoy art at home.
If you are unable to attend the vernissage in person, our application offers you a unique vernissage experience in augmented reality. You can take part in a virtual event, discover the secrets of artists’ work and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the gallery wherever you are.
Finally, for those who want to fully engage in art, we provide our image models. We have for you as many as 10 moving models that you can freely explore and play with. It is a fascinating way to enter the world of art and discover different aspects of artistic works. You can experiment with different models, change their position, scale and perspective, creating unique compositions and seeing art in a completely new light.
In our application we also offer the possibility to view the ball with images. It is an interactive feature that allows you to immerse yourself in the artistic world, where you can rotate the ball and admire different works of art from different angles.
Moreover, our application provides easy access to all the images available on our website. You can browse our collection, choose your favorite paintings and hang them virtually on your walls. It’s a great way to explore different styles and artists and enjoy art without space constraints.
Whether you’re an art lover, collector or inspiration seeker, our app is the perfect companion for your artistic world. Enjoy interactive experiences, discover new creations and be inspired by art from around the world with our advanced technology. Dive into virtual worlds live in our gallery. Get ready for unforgettable adventures in AHG36 that you will discover with our app.