Artist Break

05.07.2024 - 12.07.2024
About event

📆 July 5 (Friday)
🕘 hours 19:00
📍 street Floriańska 36, ​​Art Gallery 36
🎨 Małgorzata Głuszczuk
🎨 Agnieszka Rudek
🎨 Mateusz Lewandowski
🎶 Michał Paduch
🖋 Paweł Zaborowski

ARTIST BREAK – under this banner, three young artists present excerpts from their achievements: they have selected paintings in which they talk about their experiences in confronting reality and the internal states resulting from these confrontations.
For Małgorzata, Agnieszka and Mateusz, art is a tool for understanding reality and presenting its image without unnecessary burdens. They are attracted by both the symbolism of the image and all other aesthetic values ​​that have the power to have a psychological and even spiritual impact. They pay attention to colors, shapes, proportions and patterns, which they consider tools for exploring their own aesthetic sensitivity and means of expressing it. Each painting is a vessel filled with an individual view of the world and at the same time a journey into its visual secrets and depths.
We want to share this experience with all people who look at the world regardless of its superficial layer of representations, searching for sensual depths in which visual experience becomes psychological knowledge and even spiritual gnosis. The presented images are difficult to describe and understand in the form of a narrative. However, we encourage you to receive them affectively, feel the states they contain and look for analogies within yourself. In our opinion, art is a universal experience, and the language of visuality and aesthetic sensitivity is understandable in an intuitive and most basic way.
The opening will be honored by a concert by the musical artist Michał Paduch, who combines the aesthetics of instrumental and electronic genres. He prepared a synthesizer live act especially for this occasion, the course of which no one can predict (not even himself).
We invite you to participate and visit Art Gallery 36 at ul. Floriańska 36 in the heart of the Old Town in Krakow.
More information soon.