Karolina Klimowicz

About the author
Karolina Klimowicz was born in Minsk, Belarus. She graduated from the European Humanities University in
Vilnius. She took part in the exhibition "Mirror of the Soul" in Minsk in 2018.

10 aspects of the death of the human soul.

Our soul is complex and beautiful. For centuries we have tried in vain to see it. For centuries there have been souls that have pushed progress forward. We wouldn't be soulless people.

Everything has a beginning and an end. Our soul is no exception: it gradually but surely dies from
because of personal problems, stress, pain and suffering. However, even this can benefit you.
These images have no titles. There is also no correct answer to the question which of the 10 aspects of the death of the human soul is in which picture.
It's different for everyone. After all, it is the soul and only it can understand what dies.
Maybe in a year or five years everything will change, for example, a certain image that showed you loneliness,
will now be understood as an image of time?

1. Loneliness. A devastating feeling. It tears our soul apart, but it also makes us change for the better.
2. Time. It's longing. It makes our soul slowly fade, but also makes us appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world.
3. Ability to give. painful. It exhausts our soul, but it also makes us value equal exchange, goodness, and happiness.
4. Emptiness. Infinite. It makes our soul burst into an endless search for something, but it also helps to find the meaning of life.
5. Despair. hoarse. It makes our soul shrink, but it also forces us to find a better way to deal with the situation.
6. Destruction. Silent. It makes our soul destroy itself, but it also makes us more independent.
7. Excessive drinking. Poisonous. It makes our soul shrink, but it also makes us reload our lives.
8. Madness. Vast and unlimited. It makes our soul rush from one side to the other, but it also helps us learn more about the world.
9. Greed. disgusting. It makes our soul swell, but also leads us to self-improvement.
10. Anger. Repulsive. It blows up the soul, but also makes us act more decisively in emergencies.

P.S. Images made in one copy.
All paintings take part in the exhibition "The Mirror of the Soul".
Creator of the concept and the entire exhibition Kiril Piskarow. Recreated on canvas by Karolina Klimowicz.

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