Tahira Aghayeva

About the author
**Name:** Tahira Aghayeva
**Place and Date of Birth:** September 21, 2002, Baku, Azerbaijan
**Education:** Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts

Tahira Aghayeva was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and developed an interest in the world of art from a young age. She completed her education at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, honing her skills to a professional level. Aghayeva frequently incorporates shades of blue, flowers, beautiful women, and elegant clothing in her art, creating an aesthetic that is both thought-provoking and visually appealing.

Throughout her career, Tahira Aghayeva has participated in countless exhibitions and won numerous awards. She brought her art to Poland, leaving a significant mark there as well. Moving to Poland was a major turning point both personally and artistically. Feeling stronger and more independent, Aghayeva began to reflect this new perspective in her art.

Beyond the art world, Tahira Aghayeva has also built a successful career in fashion by founding her own clothing brand, “Scratch Studio.” In this brand, she merges her paintings with clothing, creating a new and innovative form of art. She has collaborated with many famous figures, promoting her brand to a wide audience.

Among her future goals, Aghayeva aims to organize exhibitions and participate in projects not only in Asia but also in Europe, striving to reach a broader audience with her art. Wishing to touch more lives and influence people through her art, Tahira Aghayeva continues to expand her artistic vision with each new project.

MORE Tahira Aghayeva PAINTINGS

Fishes - a painting by Tahira Aghayeva
24×33 cm